Yu Xin speed stacks, as a popular global hand exercise, is a new competitive sport which is relative with hand speed, challenge of time and people themselves. In order to better promote and popularize the fast-stacking campaign, Yu Xin Science and Education Toys Co.ltd unify the cup’s name as “Speed Stacks ” . At the same time, Yu Xin makes the trademark registration for Speed Stacks in year 2008."Higher, faster and stronger" is not only the purpose of the Olympic movement, but also the pursuit of the fast-stacking movement. Every athlete of speed stacks challenges themselves with faster speed and get over more difficulties during the process of stacking. They constantly become stronger, setting a new record, which is the spirit of the speed stacks of sports. In addition to training hand-eye brain coordination ability and dexterity, this activity helps to enhance attention, improve the team cooperation awareness, and also make the body balanced development by stimulating the brain, especially the right brain development.In China, speed stacks movement has good developing prospects, Yu Xin Science and educational Toys Co.Ltd makes the date of August 8th as Speed Stacks festival every year, Then Chinese player and enthusiasts of Speed Stacks finally have their own festival.Speed Stacks brand slogan : Higher, faster and stronger

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