Zhi Sheng magic cube brand, created by Yu Xin science and educational toys industrial Co., Ltd., focus on innovation and development of cubes for 18 years. Yuxin, design and produce many of competition-class high-quality magic cube products, to help users enjoy the most superior products and the most extreme pleasure. Zhi Sheng Brand, covering the high class series like "Huanglong",which is the the forefront of the industry, competition-Class "Kylin" series, and entry-level "Lion" series, Besides,various of "Small Magic" series which are popular when launching on the market. The whole series cover 1 to 17-layer magic cube products, besides, mirror magic cube and a variety of special-shaped magic cube to meet the different needs of players. Zhi Sheng base on product’s quality. All products pass the tests of national 3C, European EN71 and the United States ASTM F963 toys testing standards, deeply trusted and welcomed by domestic and foreign players. With continuous practicing and R&D, Zhi Sheng magic cube, to be the highest performance with best playing feel. Three-layer magic cube with positive fault tolerance and reverse tolerance ability, five-layer magic cube with outer layer widened, higher-layer magic cube with internal friction surface of all closed form split mode, rotating track staggered, above superior items, under the independent research and development technology of Zhi Sheng brand, to create industry precedent. At the same time, repeatedly to help magic cube genius Feliks Zemdegs, Collin Burns, Kevin Hays and many other world-class magic cube player to break the world record, won the ultimate title honor. Our brand adhering to the "Zhi Sheng magic cube ,wisdom to win" advocated concept, and constantly improve the product,and absorbed on the magic cube sport’s culture popularization. Through the creation and sponsorship of numbers of magic cube Tournament, so that more people touching the magic cube, fall in love of magic cube, getting the training hand coordination ability from the magic cube, and even exploring the unlimited possibilities of themselves. Zhi Sheng is subverting the present age, and creating a new pattern of the whole nation's intellectual education.

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