Yu Xin Science and educational Toys Co., Ltd.

Yu Xin Science and educational Toys Co., Ltd., was founded in 1998, as one of the earliest enterprises to produce magic cube in China, its market share has been at the forefront of the industry at home and abroad. Yu Xin has a "Zhi Sheng", " Brain Doctor", "Speed stacks ", "Yizhiwangong" four brands ,became the development of a well-known educational science and education toys integrated enterprise, but also the domestic large-scale magic Cube, speed stacks production and promotion enterprises.

Yu Xin has a professional product design team, which committed to the continuous development of new products. R&D team depend on the spirit of independent innovation, chasing the current trend of fashion and constantly improve the scientific and technological content of products. A variety of educational toys through the optimization of the structure to improve product performance and the material technology with hand feel, strict control quality cast on the industry products. In product design, research and development, production and other aspects, we advocate the concept of green environmental protection and comply with the international production standards of toys, Our company fully introduced the international product standard production line and pay special attention to quality management and control to ensure that every product conforms to the National 3 C, European EN71,7P the United States ASTM F963 Toys Testing Standards with real international quality. Yu Xin has been trying to find the best integration between innovation and quality, price and value.

High-quality products and clear thinking of enterprise development are the basis on Yu Xin which can develop healthily and steadily. Since 2009, Yu Xin began to participate in a series of well-known exhibitions at home and abroad, the business scope throughout the world more than 30 countries, enterprises and own brand awareness continues to improve. With High-quality products, strong production capacity and highly professional service team, Yu Xin has established friendly cooperative relations with famous brands such as Disney, BMW, Coca-Cola and other well-known international brands.

Yu Xin will continue as in the past with our team developed the strength of each new product, good service to every customer. We will promote the development of the industry as our responsibility and provide the first-class products to customers, became the first-class international enterprises.

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