In 2018 Dream of a wonderful future


In 2017, New Corporate Image, New Start

2017, Yu Xin according to the Enterprise Development Strategy to further enhance the enterprise connotation, through the enterprise image design upgrade change, drive enterprise innovation.


In 2011, Zhi Sheng magic cube, Shine incoming

In 2011,Yu Xin grand launched the Yu Xin brand ”Zhi Sheng” rich product series covers the high low-end market, sales area all over the country dozens of provinces and cities and exported to the world in many countries and regions, become one of the international toy brand leader in the field of magic cube.


In 2010, China’s first speed stacks manufacturer

In 2010, when the hand limit movement was rising in China, Yu Xin was registered the "Speed Stacks " brand, began to produce professional-grade products, and cooperation with the training institutions, the establishment of speed stacks club, hosting international competitions and so on, we are committed to China and the Asia-Pacific region the promotion of the Speed Stacks.


In 2009,Yu Xin was participate in a series of well-known exhibitions at home and abroad and went into the international field.

In 2009, Yu Xin began to participate in Hong Kong fair, Shanghai Toy exhibition, Guangzhou Toy exhibition,Canton fair, the Russian Toy exhibition, London Toy exhibition and other well-known international exhibitions, business extended to Asia, Europe, the Americas and more than 30 countries, gradually improve brand awareness at home and abroad.


In 2005,Yu Xin Science and educational Toys Co., Ltd.,has achieved achievements in the intelligence toys field.

In 2005,Yu Xin innovation product design ,excellent product quality advantages that Yu Xin has established friendly cooperative relations with famous brands such as Disney, BMW, Coca-Cola and other well-known international brands. Not only establish a long-term friendly cooperative partnership but also has accumulated experience.


In 2002,Yu Xin obtained authoritative standard and international certification.

In 2002, according to the international production standard of toys, Yu Xin fully introduced the international product standard production line, especially focus on quality management and control, our company fully introduced the international product standard production line and pay special attention to quality management and control to ensure that every product conforms to the National 3 C, European EN71, the United States ASTM F963 Toys Testing Standards with real international quality.


In 2000,Yu Xin Science and educational Toys Co., Ltd.,has achieved achievements in the magic cube field.

In 2000, Yu Xin began to study the classic intelligence toys magic Cube,Yu Xin not only continuously improve the manufacturing process and produce performance quality but also research the development of High-quality professional Magic Cube products.


Yu Xin Science and educational Toys Co., Ltd, was founded in 1998.

Since 1998,Yu Xin Science and educational Toys Co., Ltd.,was formally established in the”World famous Toy City”--Chenghai District,shantou city,Guangdong province. It began to accept processing and production of many kind of educational toys order.

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