The second Yu Xin International speed up Cup tournament

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In August 8, 2017, in the city of Guangzhou Nambu school campus, from Southeast Asia, Taiwan and mainland China hundred bit stack Cup players gathered in here, everywhere in the campus, quite eye-catching Olympic movement style of various posters and banners, decorate every corner: the second Yuxin international cup stacking Championships this kicks off, grand Kai sheng!
Nine thirty, with the opening address of the beauty hostess, these Asian speed Cup players long-awaited Long Yu Xin International speed cup tournament officially launched the war.

The Yu Xin International Cup stacking Championships start game include: children group 333; children group 363 children; cycle; youth youth youth cycle 333; 363; 333; 363 middle-aged middle-aged middle-aged;; cycle; blind stack; parent-child star game; team relay; double match; cycle relay etc. individual and group projects.

As the race forward, field regional team fighting has intensified, the audience crowd cheers broke out from time to time! From Taiwan speed stack cup prodigy Lin Yongdeng, is four years old to create speed stack cup world record of the "great God" players, this time with Dad, Deng mother came to the competition. Lin Yongdeng participated in the children's group 333, 363, cycle and other standard projects, he played very well that day, lightning hand speed is always amazing, and often won the audience cheers!

The Taiwan team, there is a lovely small figure, has been running on the field he is cheerful, the whole cup stacking players, the youngest Hu really small friends, only four years old. This little guy on the stage, as if the battlefield veteran, but it is calm and comfortable, hands off the cup is agile and accurate, all adults are enthusiastic applause for this lovely little master!

And across the sea, from afar southeast team, this is the most impressive team. In the team in Malaysia, as well as the oldest veteran, Mr. Eric, participated in the middle-aged group 333, 363, and cycle project, with everyone competing. From this way, full of passion, we have seen them for a loving cup stacking movement, really impressive.

As the leader of Malaysia, Mr. JACKY said, indeed we have to let this cup stacking very good exercise, so that more and more people to learn and develop, he also thanked the host Fang Yuxin, CO organizer of Guangzhou science and education events for the Asian Nambu school cup stacking enthusiasts to create such a good platform.

And this Yu Xin International speed up cup sub tournament, naturally, caused the Chinese mainland all round speed Cup players attention, including magic world, new sports and other sports training institutions are also present to watch the game. And the new competition brought more speed stack cup, excellent players to join the Chinese team to participate in, and strive to win awards! The performance of the Chinese team on the spot was equally wonderful!

In the game star parent-child links, is the day of the game is the most easily warm picture, small Yongdeng and boarded a mother board, Dad's play, this is a harmonious love cup stacking house, visible cup stacking exercise not only can participate in the competition, but also can improve family relationships, can cultivate excellent the child!

After a day of intense exciting race, after the preliminaries to the finals, the game finally released to the race of the time. The children's team three titles were Lin Yongdeng swept! In the second Yu Xin International speed up Cup tournament, Lin Yongdeng once again successfully defended! He deserves to be the "little idol" in the world who wants to catch up with all the other young fans who want to catch up with each other"!

The Chinese team also has amazing results! Have won the team championship. The Huang Haiying youth group with outstanding achievements in 3-3-3, 3-6-3, cycle three project champion, where Francis with outstanding achievements in the 3-6-3 project and the cycle project 3-3-3 runner up, second runner up; they are from the extension of the new Guangzhou sports training institutions of the players on the field of professional performance is sit up and take notice! The champion of the middle-aged team is Mr. JACKY from Malaysia. After the full audience, the staff, a big group photo, the second Yu Xin International speed cup tournament in the "next year goodbye" cheers, a successful conclusion!


Significance: Yu Xin International Cup stacking Festival Championships, the established cup stacking sports grade standard to effectively give players training, provide professional guidance; at the same time, this event will combine Yuxin official online platform, to create an authoritative cup stacking training and competition system. Will allow all over the world speed folding cup enthusiasts in this platform to receive training exchanges, registration, competition performance, inquiries, online interaction and other support.

The second Yu Xin International speed up Cup Festival tournament is an international platform for speeding up the world cup. Through the "Yu Xin International speed up Cup Festival" sub tournament, the Asian region connected to the speed of folding cup enthusiasts, professional athletes on the same stage competitive exchanges, and better promote the development of this sport. The second Yu Xin International speed up Cup Festival tournament is also an event for Yu Xin to pay tribute to the Olympic Games and the Olympic spirit in Beijing. The spirit of "higher, faster, stronger" will inspire everyone to carry forward the "folding cup" movement!

Thanks to the area from afar players, thank Guangzhou Nanwu middle school, south of Guangdong, and you watch the children's channel unit support, Yuxin International Festival cup stacking Championships will work, better and better!
See you next year!

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